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Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world? I didn’t. But somehow it happened anyway

Hi. I’m Michael Robert Powell – call me MRP – and my life is an unplanned adventure that just goes with the flow.

And for 30 years now, I’ve zig-zagged the planet – backpacking overland in 120+ countries, including territories like Antarctica.

The Art of Travel

Creating travel impressions with software gives me great pleasure and I hope my art conveys the excitement of the journey and the amazing places experienced.

My portfolio features unique travel panoramas, black & white imagery, and vibrant, surreal art.

Despite being nomadic, I have held a solo exhibition in New Zealand and been part of a major exhibition in Sweden at the Museum of World Culture.

Travel has guided my life

Wei & MRP - Ladakh, India

My story is not that cliched quitting the 9-5 and selling everything to see the world.


Way back in 1988 following graduation, I left New Zealand for London with the aim of enjoying Indie music and big city life.

But things changed – a dice throw led me to the Middle East (including Iraq + Syria).

Travel addiction took hold.

For decades I wandered alone, without any social circle. Never having a house or a car or a permanent job. (But once, I owned a TV.)

However in recent years, I have edged closer to ‘normality’ when I found a lovely wife – in China.

Wei also enjoys a minimalist life of travel.

So my backpack remains home, and the trail continues …

Crazy Travels

– Arrested as ‘a spy’ in Saddam’s Iraq

– Caught in a devastating cyclone – Bangladesh

– Drugged, abducted and robbed in Russia

– Participating in a Voodoo ceremony

– Hitchhiking across the Sahara

– Amid a bus accident in Iran

… And more

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